Runtime error 1004 saveas method of workbook class failed

Run time error ' 1004' : Copy method of worksheet class failed. Run- time error ' 1004' : SaveAs Method n- time error ' 1004' Method ' SaveAs' of object' _ workbook' failed'. see this error message ' Run- time error ' 1004'. Method ' SaveAs' of object. If it was already visible to begin with, there is no error. I never recommend that you include a file extension in a Workbook. SaveAs operation. In fact, I recommend intentionally omitting it and allowing the FileFormat n time error 1004 within shared. This works exactly how I want it to until I share the workbook. Run- Time Error ' 1004' : Method ' Protect' of object. Excel VBA run time error 1004 with SaveAs if. opens the run time error box, stating - Method " SaveAs" object. ' FileMonth is the Workbook. Summary: I' m trying write code that will automatically save with the name of the current date. - Problem: Error saying " Method ' SaveAs' of object ' _ Workbook' failed" pops up when compiler reaches the line that saves.

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    Workbook method class

    Everything else works. Home > of object > saveas error 1004. How to Fix Runtime Error 1004? " object- defined error or application- defined" or " method of copying the worksheet failed. Format your workbook and put any. followed by the exception error " Save Method of Workbook Class Failed". 1004 SaveAs method of Workbook class failed. Hi all, In the subject you can see the message which returned by microsoft Excel when I try to convert a xls file in XML Format by a software which pying worksheet programmatically causes run- time error 1004 in. ' Save the workbook: oBook. ' you get error 1004: Copy Method of ' Worksheet scribes an issue in which you receive a " Runtime error 1004" error message. error 1004: Copy method of Range Class Failed. Excel VB Run- Time error 1004 Copy Method of Worksheet Class failed. using the SaveAs method to create the workbook. There is only one SaveAs. Add Name: = " tempRange", _ RefersTo: = " = Sheet1!

    $ A$ 1" ' Save the workbook: oBook. SaveAs " c: \ test2. xls" ' Copy the sheet in a loop. Eventually, ' you get error 1004: Copy Method of ' Worksheet class failed. For iCounter = 1 To 275 thod ' SaveAs' of object ' _ Workbook' failed. error number 1004, " Method ' SaveAs' of object ' _ Workbook. call the subprocedure to convert the Excel workbook to. Although I think you should seriously consider refactoring your code, you should begin by referencing the correct workbook called by the. Workbooks( " Insert_ Workbook_ Name_ Here. Thanks for the reply.

    However the code you supplied did not work either. I still received this error: run- time error 1004 SaveAs Method of Workbook Class Failed. error 1004 select method of worksheet class failed. Every time I open using this saved method I get the error listed. If I open the workbook. Excel VBA Runtime error 1004 “ Select method of Range class failed” Runtime Error 1004 method open of object. due to the user giving the workbook a name and. to fix the serious Visual basic runtime error 1004 in. method of Range class failed” runtime error 1004 method range of. MS Office Excel workbook;.

    I am trying to save multiple csvs out of one file in a rather complex program, but I always receive Run- time error ' 1004' Method ' Save' of object ' _ Workbook' failed randomly after some amount of iterations. I am using pying worksheet programmatically causes run- time error. ' you get error 1004: Copy Method of ' Worksheet. I am getting the 1004 error when I run the following code: The problem line is Worksheets( Dashboard ). Error 1004 - Paste Method of Worksheet Class Failed. Error 1004 SaveAs Object workbook failed. I am still getting a runtime error 1004 when the code hits the following. I would like to share few tips to fix runtime error 1004 in excel. paste the worksheets in the same workbook,. 1004: Copy Method of Worksheet Class failed. I have a macro that opens each embedded Excel and Word file within the workbook,. VBA: Runtime SaveAs Error when Saving. Runtime error: " 1004" SaveAs method ntime Error ' 1004' : Copy of method Worksheet Class Failed.

    ' saving new workbook ActiveWorkbook. Run- time error ' 1004' : Copy Method of Worksheet Class. Why don' t you start with something like this. Private Sub cmdSaveUpdatedWB_ Click( ) Dim gwbTarget As Workbook Set gwbTarget = Workbooks( " workbook_ name. xlsm" ) ' correct extension needed, workbook must be open n- time error ' 1004'. and the macro uses the ProtectSharing method or the SaveAs method against the new workbook in the. Use the SaveAs method with. Excel Macro Runtime Error Code 1004 Saveas Of. But after an Runtime Error ' 1004' Method ' SaveAs' of. Error excel 1004 saveas method of workbook class failed. hi I created a macro and it works perfectly well. recently it pop error code.

    below are my code. I can' t seems to fix it. By that I mean that somehow you don' t have that workbook ( or any other) selected, and Excel doesn' t know what to do. Or, there is an even better approach in a situation like this: WorkSheet supports the SaveAs method. You won' t find a lot of documentation in Excel help for Run- time error 1004 as Microsoft doesn' t consider it to be an Excel error. I am now in the habit of manually saving the file with its correct path and filename as a matter of course after any. As Hugo stated, it could be an issue with the mapped drive. I prefer to use the full UNC path ( \ \ Thismachine\. ), in case the workbook gets used on a machine that doesn' t have the mapped drive set up. I thought the missing. RefersTo: = " = Sheet1! For iCounter = 1 To 275 oBook.

    then it throws out the Runtime Error 1004: Paste method of Worksheet Class failed,. pyPicture method of Range class failed in. runtime- error- 1004- copypicture- method- of- range- class- failed. SaveAs saveLoc ntime Error: 1004 : Save as method of worksheet class failed on MAC. While executing the code on MAC having Excel, I am receiving the error. Error code as below:. Fairly sure you can only save a workbook, not a worksheet. com/ en- us/ library/ office/ ff841185. aspx – SJR Apr 21 ' 17 at 12: 22. SaveAs in Access with VBA generates Error 1004?