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2, CIM_ ERR_ ACCESS_ DENIED, Access to a CIM. 21, XMLERROR, An XML error occurred. 22, CIM_ ERR_ LISTNER_ ALREADY_ DEFINED. At termination of an XML GENERATE statement, XML- CODE contains either zero, indicating successful completion of XML generation, or a nonzero error code, indicating that an exception occurred during XML generation. XML e the codes included in the error messages generated by IBM Connections to identify configuration problems and find their. There was an error reading the configuration files or the LotusConnections- config. xml file has invalid content. 09, トリガー・ アクション例外, 表 7. 0A, フィーチャー、 サポート対象外, 表 8. 0F, 無効 トークン, 表 9.

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    0K, ハンドラーがアクティブでないときに RESIGNAL, 表 10. 0N, SQL/ XML マッピング・ エラー, 表 11. 10, XQuery エラー, 表 12. 20, Case ステートメントで case. For each XML event except an EXCEPTION event, the parser sets the value of the XML- CODE special register to zero. XML- CODE = - 1 1, Next event is END- OF- DOCUMENT 2, Next event depends on input 2, Fatal runtime error ( message. Minor addition to Spring MVC and JSR 303 Validation error customization and Error pattern for REST/ HTTP APIs. Unacceptable XML While my earlier- mentioned API supports both JSON and XML, the XML is more legacy,. Action: The PIMA passed has not been initialized with a call to the z/ OS XML parser initialization service GXL1INI or GXL4INI or the PIMA address is. Extract the return and reason code from the XD area, pertaining to storage exit failure. If the XML parser detects an error in the XML document during parsing, message RNX0351 will be issued. From the message, you can get the specific error code associated with the error, as well as the offset in the document where the error. IBM InfoSphere Guardium S- TAP for DB2 on z/ OS V9. 1 - Error messages and codes: ADHQxxxx.

    SHARED MEMORY FAILURE FOR OBJECT object request RC = rc RS= rs. Terminating due to XML profile processing error RC ( xxxxxxxx). The common bookmarklet creates xml document with the user inputs. This error is usually caused by the bad user inputs. Check the detailed exception message following this error message in the log file to find the root cause.